A Commercial Video Production Team at Home Behind the Camera

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much can be said through film, which can show a thousand pictures in a minute? There are reasons why video is the internet’s favourite medium – whether for advertising, art, or information, a well-shot and -edited film captures the imagination like nothing else.


CloudHerd Film Co. is a dynamic young team operating across NSW, offering commercial video production on-location from Katoomba, to Richmond, to the Southern Highlands. We have mastered the art of making the environment a character, allowing the natural beauty of these backdrops to shine through. Our training and experience behind the lens allows us to apply the best of classic and modern filming techniques, achieving a unique emotional engagement in the final video.

Expert editors add a professional look to your commercial video production

CloudHerd Film Co. has all the equipment, skills, and experience to translate your creative or commercial vision onto screen. We work closely with all our clients, our friendly team sitting down long before filming to break down your goals and ideas for the piece. We then incorporate your instructions and chosen details into the video wherever possible, filling in any gaps with our finely-honed filmmaking judgement.


Our dedicated editing process is one of the most sophisticated available for a small-scale commercial video production. Our final edits look complete, polished, and professional, immediately ready for your preferred use.

The perfect short videos for product launches, documentary projects, interviews and more

There are a multitude of uses for the sort of finely edited, personalised videos that CloudHerd Film Co. specialise in. What you choose to employ them for is up to you – we are confident that no matter what the setting, subject, or purpose, our team will find the best filming and editing techniques to capture them.


We offer a variety of service packages for this sort of video production, breaking down the hidden costs and unspoken assumptions present in the usual video production pricing structures and laying them out for clients to understand. You can customise your filming and editing deal with us, ensuring you only pay for the level of service that you need.


To discuss our commercial video production offers, call 0478 565 880 or email us at info@CloudHerdfilmco.com.