Your Choice of Wedding Videographer for a Southern Highlands Occasion

Many engaged NSW couples look forward to the glamour of a destination wedding, but want to stay close enough to home that they can still bring all their friends and family. For these people, there are very few choices with the character and venue variety of the Southern Highlands. Awash with historic estates, provincial restaurants and hidden garden retreats, this sweep of countryside is unmatched in the state for photogenic wedding venues – and CloudHerd Film Co. knows how to capture them all.


A young and growing wedding videographer, CloudHerd has a fantastic team who bear a real passion for their craft and the experience to back it up. We bring a more holistic and professional approach to our task than most videographers in our price range, offering dynamic multi-camera shoots across your entire wedding day. These techniques and our high-quality equipment allows us to capture every pertinent detail of your spectacular Southern Highlands wedding and venue, without having to get in the way or stage shots.

Dazzling wedding cinematography to immortalise your Southern Highlands ceremony

One of the best ways to witness the difference between CloudHerd Film Co.’s wedding coverage and that of our competitors is simply to look at the samples in our video gallery. Most people can notice a difference straight away, even if they can’t explain it; our editing and mastery of the dynamic, moving camera gives our films a truly engaging, cinematic feeling.


We take the time to bring the wedding and the beautiful environment around it to life; picking half an hour of shots out of 9 hours of footage – per camera – to create the ultimate tribute to your wedding day. We also apply our editing magic to a slick, 1 minute long highlight edit perfect for uploading to social media, as well as supplying the complete uncut footage for you to dig through. If you want to include the full footage of your ceremony or candid interviews with your family in the finished video, you can do that too – check out our affordable wedding videography packages today to see which “add ons” are available.

Investigate the Southern Highlands’ most magical videography for your wedding

To speak with CloudHerd Film Co. about our wedding coverage, call us on 0478 565 880. Or follow us on Facebook, Vimeo, and Instagram for details of our work and play.