Artful & Affordable Wedding Cinematography in West NSW

If you ask people to choose only one day in their life to record, the most important memory they could preserve, most choose their wedding day. The significance of the commitment being made, the importance of one’s soulmate, and the sheer pageantry make this an unmissable opportunity to take a snapshot, in video, of a life’s milestone reached.

Authentic wedding cinematography that tells your story

CloudHerd Film Co. have been working with couples from inner Sydney to the Blue Mountains to create incredible wedding videos, where we go beyond the staple images and moments to show off the story of your entire day. Capture the intensity and anticipation of the night before, the elaborate preparation of the morning, the tender emotion of the ceremony, and the unbridled joy of the reception. Edited together by the deft hand of the CloudHerd team, the story that emerges from these clips is the condensed essence of the day.

Work with our team to put your own touch on the film

CloudHerd have the experience across years of wedding cinematography to make a professional judgement on how a given ceremony should be filmed. The samples in our video gallery shows the versatility of our methods, and the ability of our cameras to capture what makes your wedding special; important so that you can focus on enjoying your celebration instead of directing our crew. You know your own story best, however; if there are specific elements which deserve attention and prominence in the filming, we are happy to work in accordance with your wishes.

Telling stories of love from the Blue Mountains to Sydney’s shore

CloudHerd Film Co. relish every chance we get to act as wedding cinematographers. Telling these stories of love is an expression of our craft, and there is no feeling more fulfilling for us than to see how couples react to their films. Our company is itself driven by a very special couple, and so we have a special appreciation for what goes into telling the stories of others. You can discuss Sydney wedding cinematography prices by calling 0478 565 880 or emailing Keep up with us and our work by following CloudHerd on Facebook, Vimeo, and Instagram.