Cutting-edge Wedding Videography for Sydney & NSW

Your wedding day is among the most important days of your life, and for most of us that means that it just has to be perfect – for our partner’s sake, and for our own. Many couples to-be-wed spend months of planning and thousands upon thousands of dollars preparing for their ceremony and reception. So it makes sense that you would exercise the same care when seeking out your wedding videographer; after all, whenever you go back to review the day in years to come, it will be their lens through which you see yourselves.


CloudHerd Film Co. is one of the most talented and exciting filmmaking teams in NSW, with affordable wedding videography prices for customisable coverage packages. We harness the emotional power of traditional and new film techniques along with the latest in photography equipment to tell the living story of your special day. No novices to the wedding videography trade, we understand how to capture the event without taking it over or getting in the way – our staff are extremely friendly, polite, and discreet.

Cut down wedding videography prices with our tailored filming packages!

A great modern wedding day is a team effort, comprised of many people working together to create something beautiful. Coordinating all of those moving parts is a lot of effort for whoever ends up in charge of things, especially if that person is also a bride or groom that day! You want to simultaneously micromanage every little thing to make sure it’s all perfect while also keeping plans simple and mutually understood.


CloudHerd Film Co. know firsthand how hectic these events can be, so we offer our clients a choice of pre-priced filming and editing packages, customisable to your tastes. We uncover the hidden fees and break down the total cost and return of each deal, so you know exactly what you can expect to gain from our service. Choose between our Blockbuster or more discreet Indie deals, and add in the cost of any “add-ons” to easily budget wedding videography from CloudHerd.

The most artful wedding videography from Sydney to the Blue Mountains

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