Canberra Wedding Videography

Our policy to never turn down a road trip takes us often to Canberra. With its great range of unique venues, exquisite outlooks and fabulous food scene, Canberra weddings are what’s up! And, ok we’re biased, but we think CloudHerd Film Co is the perfect team to capture all the special moments from your big day and immortalise it in your own bespoke film.

Canberra has no shortage of stunning venues including Poachers Pantry in Springrange, Lake George Winery, The Boathouse in Barton, Tuggeranong Homestead in Richardson, The Chapel at Gold Creek and The Abbey in Nicholls, Goolabri in Sutton and Ginninderry Homestead in Wallaroo.

While there are almost no bad angles when shooting at Canberra’s top venues, we always find little ways to improve our footage to guarantee you the best possible final cut. Our company was created with the goal to capture epic love stories. We pride ourselves on being flexible, always bending the equipment and expertise to suit your day and your unique love story, and having serious ninja filming skills where we always get the shot without blocking the photographer or making anyone feel uncomfortable.

Our ‘special sauce’ is added in the editing process, where our creativity gets to shine and where we create something we know you’ll love.

Check out our online gallery for inspiration and know that we offer highly customisable packages so you can choose the scale of your coverage and contents of your final product. Get in touch to discuss filming your Canberra Wedding!