Creative, skilful videographer working from
Sydney to the Blue Mountains

A film cleverly used can be the most expressive form of art. Countless elements of sound, light, tone, and composition combine in myriad ways to communicate with the viewer – and that’s before the editing process begins. An expert videographer can harness the power and nuance of this many-layered medium, and use it to tell your story in a way that positions it powerfully in the mind of an audience.


Whether your story is one of true love fulfilled, a candid interview, or even celebrating the next great product development in your field, a great video will help you capture it and retell it. CloudHerd Film Co. have the experience and filmmaking nous to help you plan, produce, shoot, and edit the video you need to bring that story to life.

West NSW’s most innovative videographer

CloudHerd Film Co. provides a modern, flexible model for video production, working closely with clients at all stages to make sure our end product meets their goals. Working across NSW, from the Hunter Valley to the Southern Highlands, we are not afraid to test our skills with challenging or unusual film ideas. We have tackled commercials, pitches, short films, and personal movies. Wedding cinematography is a particular passion for CloudHerd, and we relish the many opportunities we are given to capture the energy of the moment on peoples’ special day.

A small team united by love and filmmaking

Being called upon for couples’ wedding coverage is a joy and a challenge for us. Not only are we being relied upon to commemorate what is likely to be the most important day of those people’s lives, but the challenge is always on to find new and exciting ways to represent these classic moments of love, laughter, community, and commitment. It makes for an adventure behind the camera every time.


Perhaps the reason why the CloudHerd Film Co. team is so engaged when it comes to wedding cinematography is that our videos are themselves the work of a couple very much in love. Taku and Jemima have an incredible creative drive, and together their skills and ethos have made CloudHerd into a powerhouse Sydney videographer. Speak to us today to discover how our filmmaking can benefit you.

Committed to beauty, quality, and integrity in all we do

CloudHerd Film Co. is a rising, exciting videographer, and we are ever-ready to take the next opportunity to promote our craft and our brand across west NSW. If you have a commercial or personal project to film at any stage of production, you can bring us on board to get it over the line. Those who want to understand more about our work can check out the photo galleries on this site, or follow CloudHerd on Facebook, Instagram and Vimeo. Call 0478 565 880 to speak with our team today.