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Central Coast Wedding Film still

Image by Mitch Pohl


Kangaroo Valley Bush Retreat / Southern Highlands Wedding Film

Tinder should probably pay these guys for being the ultimate success story, right?!

There were lots of things about Steph and Kyle’s wedding that made it pretty damn special. Firstly (and most importantly) they are dead set legends. Taku and Xian had so much fun on the day and we were more determined than ever to turn out a film that did it justice. Secondly, we got to shoot alongside the Southern highlands’ finest, Mitch Pohl, which is always a good time (photo in header is one tiny example of his ridiculously great work). And thirdly, we were shooting at one hell of a venue. 

Kangaroo Valley Bush Retreat has always held a pretty special place for us. Besides the fact that we always have a great time there, it’s also almost impossible to make it look bad on film so our job becomes super easy. This wedding took place just weeks before this stunning venue was badly damaged by bushfires and our hearts broke for them as well as all the many couples who now had to quickly come up with a plan B. Watching this film back however reminds us not just how gorgeous the location is but also how good all the people involved are. They’re going to be back better than ever and we can’t wait to shoot there again soon!!

In the meantime, here’s to Steph and Kyle and their epic love. Every wedding should have a ‘Tiny Dancer’ singalong. Benchmark set.