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What looks best on film?

When we decided to write blogs for our website, the CloudHerd crew sat down and talked about what kind of content would add the most value for couples. We wanted to give you some inside info – the stuff that wedding videographers know inside out but you simply might never think of if you weren’t in the biz. We decided, as a team, that we should write blog on things that look great on film, so couples could choose which of these special features they wanted to add to spruce up their film and make it extra sexy.

We workshopped a list of all the epic effects and shots we love to include; smoke bombs, fireworks, sparkler tunnels, rain (yep – not so bad after all!), epic drone shots, etc etc. But, for some reason, we kept feeling that the list wasn’t cutting it. Back and forth we went and never quite nailed it.

It took a while to figure out why, but eventually we came to realise that the reason was this – yes, those things all look great but, at the end of the day, you can take or leave them. There is one thing however that your film can’t be great without and that’s you and your guests having a f***ing great time and showing that on film. Having a film made about you and all the legends in your life isn’t something that happens every day and we want you to live it up! Acknowledge the camera and play to it. Dance to the camera, dip towards the camera, party with us. Take shots to the camera, cheers to the camera, laugh to the camera.
In short – have a good time, would you?!?!

We know you don’t want to spend your day posing and setting up cinematic shots. The odd one is great but you are there to enjoy your day and THAT is what we want to film!